field recordings of mind in morning


field recordings of mind in morning

field recordings   of mind   in morning (BlazeVOX, 2021) is a collaboration between Hank Lazer and Holland Hopson featuring a book and a fifteen-track recording of poetry and music. Watch this space for video tracks from the collection.

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Tracks include:

4.29.18 – However, now a mountain goat
6.16.18 – the hidden gem (for Joseph Lease)
7.4.18 – so the trees speak to one another
11.11.18 – walk it with me
4.29.18-2 – time & light
4.23.18 – some said sorrow
11.10.18 – without reverence there is no taking refuge
10.25.18 – in memory of Ilene Duncan – & so these morning things arise
7.9.18 – who will tell me (for Davey Williams)
11.2.18 – quantum entanglement
9.15.19-2 – if one stares back
9.15.19-1 – if it is to greet the dawn
9.24.19 – blue dream
8.5.18 – it happens it is happening
6.15.18 – because the bell is ringing


Holland Hopson and Hank Lazer

photo by Chengru He

Holland Hopson is a sound and media artist, composer and improviser. A multi-instrumentalist, he usually performs on clawhammer banjo and electronics. Holland often augments his instruments with custom-designed sensor interfaces and performs with his own highly responsive, interactive computer programs. Holland has performed in Australia, Europe and North America with notable experimental and outsider musicians. Holland is Assistant Professor of Arts Entrepreneurship in New College at the University of Alabama and a Fellow of the Collaborative Arts Research Initiative (CARI). For more information:


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