3 of 10: H’s Journal, Negation and Displayspace

3 of 10: H's Journal, Negation and Displayspace(Chax Press, 1996)


“This will be an exquisite book (not a corpse). Everything about it will delight the eye and please the hand…. Writing sentences of interest comes about at considerable cost. Writers tend to lie about this. ‘This book just wrote itself.’ Only it didn’t. Hank Lazer wrote these sentences (journal entries and poems). He has written interesting sentences about all sorts of things, including sentences about sentences and a white-on-white nonsentence. He has written sentences going two (or more) ways at the same time. They’re polyphonic, they’re musical. If you don’t buy this book and read these sentences you’ll be sad. You will feel something is missing from your life. And there will be. If you buy this book, you could have an interesting enough life. It could even become musical.”

—John Taggart

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