Thinking in Jewish

From Lazer’s ambitious ten-year Notebook shape-writing project, Thinking in Jewish challenges the way we read and write poetry and reframes the terms of spiritual autobiography.


Writing within the tradition of wisdom literature, Lazer’s COVID19 SUTRAS presents a real-time engagement with the early phases of the pandemic, as that tragedy began to merge with the consequences of the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and the increased awareness of the virus of American systemic racism.


Portions, Hank Lazer’s fifteenth book of poetry, is his sixth large collection, following The New Spirit (Singing Horse Press, 2005), Elegies & Vacations (Salt Publishing, 2004), Days (Lavender Ink, 2002), 3 of 10 (Chax Press, 1996, and Doublespace: Poems 1971-1989 (Segue, 1992).


Written over the span of one-year-and-a-day, Lazer’s new book is a laboratory space for experimentation with the resources and possibilities of the short line and for new modes of lyricism.

Slowly Becoming Awake

Lazer’s twenty-ninth book of poetry, and the sixth from his ongoing twelve-year Notebooks project, this is the first shape-writing book of his to include accompanying typed transcriptions.

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