Hank Lazer is a poet, critic, editor, and educator. He has collaborated with a wide-range of musicians for innovative performances and recordings of his poetry. He is available for readings, performances, workshops, and lectures. Please check out his books, video recordings, and drop him a line if you'd like to arrange for a visit – in person or online. Libraries and collectors can also write to acquire any of his books.


"Philosophical notations, lyric utterances, journal entries, and aphoristic gleanings are set in a holographic space of the imaginary’s shapes. Human readers, hearken to these calls as they echo into silence."
—Charles Bernstein

"A seeker and an improviser and in the thrall of jazz… Here you see a great faith in the unfolding of open-endedness."
—Fanny Howe

"These apt, reductive verses keep a locus of faith with skill and moving commitment."
—Robert Creeley

"Lazer is by now a master of such turn / (re)turns, such movements of sight & sound, & The New Spirit – both as book & quest – adds to the growing array of his books, his intelligence, that calls for our attention."
—Jerome Rothenberg

". . . this is a book filled with joy. The works are marked as well by reverence… The days of Hank Lazer’s Days shake up the lyrics in which they are inscribed."
—Lyn Hejinian